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Sanyo V-Cord / V-Cord II:

This is the type video-recording device that gave us the Amazing 3 anime on videotape! Notice the large head-drum similar to the U-wrappers!

The first format was limited to 20 minutes of recording times, while V-Cord II handled tapes up to 120 mins. This was the first video format to offer two speeds-- [quality and economy]-- as well as freeze-frame and slow-motion. The VCords failed because of mechanical unreliability and lack of interest from other manufacturers.

Sanyo's V-Cord (B&W) and V-Cord II (Color) used cartridges vaguely reminiscent of 8-track tapes. Retro!

This diagram shows that the tape-loading mechanism was very similar to the Sony machines "U" design! As you can see the name is derived from the way the tape travels on the head-drum, wrapping around it in the form of the letter "u"!
In the same respect a VHS machine is called a "M" wrap -- sorry no diagram at this time...use your imagination! =^___^=
So Y-not put the VCord here on Tech 1's Umatic Page??
(Another good reason is I didnt want to waste a separate page for this goober!!

Panasonic NV-A505

This is a Panasonic NV-A505 Edit Controller
This unit allowed the NV-A500 to perform a "B" roll, extending its capabilities.
It also can be "daisy-chained" to more A505's to give C, D-roll, etc...via a 20p interface.

Of course this consumes alot of horizontal space.

Another good argument for going Digital/NLE!

Panasonic AU-A70

Another hugemongous editor, designed for use with the AU-700 but works with the 9240/9600 combo as well. The LTC Time Code generator makes this a very useful unit because after "striping" a blank tape with time code the AU-A70 has the capability to find any point on the tape by merely keying-in the hr/min/sec/frame. Also is able to "store" in memory up to 10 edit points.

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